Be Motivated Every Day You Get Up

Be Motivated Every Day You Get Up

Each Monday morning what is the first thought that comes to mind when you open your eyes? Are you actually excited to get up and go to work, or are you dreading the day and the rest of the week ahead?

1) – What Is Motivation ?

Motivation is a huge force in your life, and it needs to be harnessed and managed in order to succeed and to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing on a daily basis. If you find yourself thinking, “I need motivation,” there are specific steps you can take. Motivation is not a switch, but rather it is a “flow” or an inertia that keeps you moving at a steady, productive pace.

Just like a plant needs water and the sun’s rays; when we are being encouraged by our friends, instructor or boss, read a motivational quote, etc. we fill built-up. But these things might not help you build sustainable motivation in the long run.

True motivation must start from the core of your inner-being and spread out to the surface.

2) – Sustain Your Motivation

Without meaning, there is no direction for your energy to focus. Having a meaningful objective does not mean you have to change the world or have a huge impact on society. But rather the objective should contribute value to something or someone that matters to YOU.

Gaining forward movement ( or inertia ) means to just keep moving. Be like a snowball rolling down a hill; motivation from having progress creates momentum. So to keep this up, you have to keep moving.

Incremental progress is fine too. This is why playing games are addictive. Just like with games, your incremental progress can still trigger the motivation centers in your brain.

3) – Concentrate on What Drives You

Take one aspect of your life that you would like to progress even further in. What is it within your job that gives you meaning ? What are some things, talents, aspirations that will help push you forward in life ?

Do your best NOT to focus on things that are negative.

Review your goals and aim yourself in a positive direction, even if it means that you start incrementally. If you want to know how to get motivated, keep NAVIGATING FORWARD.

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