Home and Office Organization


Many of us are VERY busy with the day-to-day activities & the typical duties of family life. If your home or office is a dis-organized mess, it can take away from any extra time you could have, or make you less productive. And If you work from the home, this dis-organized condition is even more compounded. Productivity tends to climb in a more well-organized space, whether it be your home environment or at your office.

SOME BENEFITS : (1) – Buy back your time, (2) – Maximize your days and up your productivity, (3) – Reduce your current stress stemming from the disorganization at your home or office, (4) – You cut expenses on renting or building extra storage, (5) – You become healthier, (6) – You become happier .

1. - We Assess the Situation

We will take a tour of your home or office, go through your family routine to pinpoint areas that are used frequently ( and those areas that are not ) so that we can take this into consideration while determining the best way to turn your home or office into a functional space and place for all of your belongings.

And then we will assess your desired style and functionality for each space, along with identifying any existing furnishings that should be included in the plan such as the lighting, color scheme, textures, fabrics, and other elements that should be considered for the design plan.

Finally a budget and a payment plan will be discussed.

2. - We Document Inventory and Take Photos

We create an inventory of your belongings and photographs are taken, along with measurements of all rooms and windows so we can create a NEW, more productive, inspirational space for you.

3. - We Draft an Agreement
  • Before the design process begins and during the initial consultation, both style and a budget are agreed upon.
  • A follow-up presentation day appointment is set.
  • Then a date & time is agreed upon to begin.
4. - We Offer Our Final Recommendations

We will follow-up with our recommendations for creating your NEW space NEW style and NEW functionality within your discussed budget.

5. - We Get To Work

We will take ” before ” pictures to see our progress later.

And then the de-cluttering will begin.

We will determine together what you will keep, donate, and discard. We will find a home for everything and I will suggest storage supplies. Everything will be sorted and categorized.

It is very important to know that you might feel that your home or office is looking worse while we are organizing, but we assure you that the final outcome will be to your expectations.

Once our project is completed, we will take ‘” after ” pictures of the finished space(s), so that you can see the difference in the transformation that has taken place.

6. - We Make Final Adjustments

We will handle any final, minor adjustments after the project is done

7. - We Follow-Up With a Maintenance List

We will send you a customized follow-up email with your own personal list of reminders, to-do’s, and shopping suggestions to help maintain your NEW, organized space. If you follow our tips & advice, clutter and mess will be a thing of the past.

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