Frequently Asked Questions

1. - Why should I hire a professional organizer ?

A professional organizer can implement the best practices to ensure that the process of organizing your home, office or bookkeeping is a seamless one.

A professional in-home, office or bookkeeping organizer can get the process done efficiently, saving YOU lots of time and headache.

2. - How long will your service take ?

Every project is different. The time taken will depend on the size of the project. The time taken for you to make a decision about what you would like can also affect the time taken for the project to be completed.

Some clients accomplish their goals within a few sessions, whereas others like to do their initial set up and call us regularly for on-going organizational services for your home & office, or for bookkeeping.

We are pretty flexible with whatever your schedule is.

3. - Is your service confidential ?

Yes, absolutely confidential !

1) – For bookkeeping services one of your personal or financial information will be shared with a third party without your consent.

2) – For In-Home or Office projects, any ” before & after ” transformation photos will only be taken with your consent.

4. - Do I need to be present while you are organizing ?

You only have to be present for the initial in-home assessment to show us around and discuss your ideas and views. Once we have come up with a superb plan, then you can leave the rest to us.

If it is for any bookkeeping, then we will discuss how we can get wither the original or the copies of any records that we will need in order to assist you.

5. - Is there a minimum booking time ?

Time and effort put into the organization process will be needed in order to provide excellent results.

Hence, the recommended minimum booking time to research your in-home or bookkeeping project is 3 hours to do research and planning to get the most favorable outcomes.

6. - How do I book an appointment ?

Please fill out our online contact form by CLICKING HERE.

Or please call (470) 556-3939 and leave a message.

We will contact you within 1 business day.

7. - How should I prepare for your visit ?

The best thing to do is ‘nothing’. The process of organizing will be more effective if we can view your home or office in its original state.

There is no shame in messes and disorganization, as that is the reason, we are undertaking this process together.

If it is for ” bookkeeping ” we will asses what we need based on the task-at-hand

I have more questions, who do I talk to ?

Do you have questions we didn’t answer? Give us a call or send us an email.

We’d love to talk with you and answer your questions in more detail!

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