Increase Willpower & Be Mentally Fit

Increase Willpower & Be Mentally Fit

Learning how to increase willpower and break bad habits is tough, and it seems that we fail more often than we succeed. We are not forever tied to our poor habits. We can, in fact, actually change and increase our willpower in the process.

How can we learn how to increase willpower and make powerful changes in our life and routine ?

1) – Get a Good Night’s Rest

Self-control requires brain power and high energy levels, and when we are tired, our bodies generally do not deliver enough glucose to our brains. Rest and sleep is essential as you are working on how to have more willpower. Rest and sleep reduces our body’s need for glucose, and it also allows the body to make better use of the faculties and energy we have. A good night’s rest is generally 7-8 hours a night for an adult, and 10-12 hours for a child.

2) – Take Frequent Breaks

Take a nap from time to time, grab a (healthy) bite to eat, watch a little TV ( preferably something positive, spiritually up-building or educational ) for about 15 minutes, and then get back to your tasks and goals. By doing this, you will come back refreshed, and you will have more willpower to produce better work and results.

3) – Do the Opposite of What You Normally Do

Every time we modify our routines, we are exercising self-control. It may feel very strange at first, but it actually goes a long way to increasing our willpower. The more that we can exercise self-control, the stronger our willpower will be.

When we succeed in making small changes, we develop the ability to take on much larger ones.

4) – Plan ahead for Roadblocks

We should consider any and all roadblocks that may arise in our life’s path before we start a new goal. Remember, there is always resistance in the path of a positive pursuit. When we anticipate life’s roadblocks in advance, we are already prepared,and have stronger willpower to deal with them when they actually arise.

5) – Make a Plan for Temptations That May Arise

For those moments when you run into temptation, you will need to have a plan already in place to help you resist it and avoid making poor decisions. It is impossible to avoid all temptation as you are working on how to increase willpower.

Having a predetermined plan can significantly increase your willpower when presented with a temptation.

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