Why Your Routine at Night Matters

Why Your Routine at Night Matters

A night routine is the things you do immediately prior to going to bed. You might have no specific night time routine whatsoever and just take each evening and night as it comes. We already know that having a morning routine is beneficial, but having a night routine is beneficial too.

For instance :

  1. You will not have to rush, and have less anxiety when you wake up in the morning.
  2. You will be able to tackle the the next day in a smoother and more productive way.
  3. You will have a higher-quality sleep.
  4. Your brain will be sharper throughout the next day.
  5. You will be prepared to start the next day.

1) – Take time to tidy-up

Your home is your”fortress of solitude”. Being in an organized environment will help you feel relaxed and in control. Cleaning dishes and the counter tops after dinner is an absolute must.

Before going to bed, take some time to put things away if you have used them during the day. Be mindful of clutter in your bedroom.

Waking up in an orderly space will do wonders for your mood the next day.

2) – Take time out for yourself

Perhaps you watch an episode of your favorite show ( preferably a positive, educational or up-building one ), take a walk, or play some positive games before going to bed. Set a time limit for these activities so that you don not venture int ” wasteful time ” by binging or meandering.

3) – Reflect on either the positive or productive parts of your day

Before going to bed, consider what worked and did not work today. This helps you appreciate your accomplishments, and shape a better tomorrow.[7]

Acknowledge one or two things you wish had gone better. Even if you had a bad day, make an effort to end by thinking about something good that happened. And also how you might make someone else’s day a better one too.

4) – Have some gratitude

Before going to bed, focus on at least four things you are thankful for each day. Making gratitude a part of your routine can help you lead a healthy and happy life. Mark down your mood everyday and you may find yourself having plenty to be happy about.

5) – Prepare for tomorrow

Get out and put together tomorrow’s business outfit and recreational clothes as you tidy. Clear out unnecessary items out of your business bag or car, and set out everything you need to take with you for the next day. By doing this ahead of time you are less likely to derail the next day by forgetting something.

It is easier to fall asleep when you do not have a million things to do upon waking up. Waking up will not seem like a hard task if you set yourself up for a new day of success.

Pull items from the freezer and package leftovers from dinner into individual servings. Immediately after dinner is a great opportunity to pack lunch for the next day.

6) – Have a healthy dinner early

Overeating or having heavy, rich meals around bedtime could lead to discomfort and indigestion. When you need a snack closer to bedtime, reach for something light and healthy. Have your dinner a few hours before you go to bed.

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